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        Material Stock Control System
Stock Control Management
To Update all the supplier orders, modify the changes and delete / cancel of the orders.

Incoming, Issues, Transfers and Adjustments
The transaction file capture all the receiving inventory items into stock, issues of inventory items to production or sub-contractor for second / final process or to the customer and also include transfers of items from one location to another.

Physical Counts
Provides a tool to carry out the periodically inventory counting the inventory items and correcting the data on file.

Stock Valuation
System allows to choose one of four different methods to measure the value of your Inventory.

• Standard Cost Cost Method

• FIFO Cost Method (First-In, First-Out)

• Weighted Average Method.

•Integration with Bill Of Material when issuing of item to production.
•Integration with Purchase Order to update the purchase order balance during the receiving process and also the monitor re-order level.

Bar Code
Support the bar code reading and printing.
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