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        Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
This system has incorporated the controlling of material requirement based on Job Order.

MR Creation
This module shall explode the Bill Of Material by J/O, to generate the Material Requirement. System allowed users to define the MRP allowance, as well as alternate material substitution.

Material Issuing
To monitor the material issuing process by generate Material Issuing Note (MIN). The issuing of material to production floor shall be in kit form as per Bill Of Material in MRP files by J/O no. The MRP status shall be changed from Pending to Release when the MIN is released. The system allows user to issue material as per MRP requirement only, no additional issues are allowed.

MRP Status
System will allow users to view the status of the MRP requirement as when required based on J/O No.

Reports / Chart
•MRP Listing ĘC to print out the material requirement listing by J/O.
•MRP Status ReportsĘC to generate MRP Status Reports which shows the material   committed & the status of issuing.
•Material Issuing Note (MIN) ĘC To print MIN document.
•MIN Listing ĘC To print the details listing of MIN.
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