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        Shipping Control System

Delivery Instruction
Shipping Department shall generate a daily Delivery Instruction (DI) to Store Department & Production Department, so as the persons in charge shall take appropriate action to ensure the delivery is taken place.

Delivery Entry
This system shall update the delivery details based on the confirmed sales order. Upon update of Delivery records, the sales order balance shall be deducted automatically.

Delivery Documents
Once the delivery details have been updated, user are able to print out all necessary delivery documents In activate the print command. The delivery documents are including:
• Delivery Order.
• Invoice.
• Parking List.
• Customs 9.
• Customs 1.
• GPB 1.

Delivery Records Tracking
System will enable user to track the delivery status of all confirmed sales order.

The delivery or shipping reports are as below:
• Delivery Instruction Listing.
• Sales Summary based on product & customer.
• Sales Order Details shows the sales & delivery transaction in details.
• Delivery Performance Analysis to fulfil requirement of purchaser.
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