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E-Soft Time Clock System
  E-Soft Time Clock System is a PC based clocking system designed for small and medium size company, especially for those companies with numbers of outlets or branches with few employees in each outlet/branch. It is a cost effective way of taking control of the attendance for all employees in their outlets/branches. The existing office or POS pc can be used as clocking station to replace the conventional punch card.
  E-Soft Time Clock System can either manual update or deploy the USB Fingerprint device or Proximity (RFID) card reader. Setup the E-Soft Time Clock System on the pc, Plug in the USB Biometrics Fingerprint sensor or Proximity (RFID) Card Reader, and the pc is ready to replace your conventional Punch Card.
  There are 4 optional packages to suite your requirement:
E-Soft Time Clock System - USD 80
This package consists of E-Soft Time Clock System in which enable user to mark attendance using the keyboard or mouse by enter the employee no. This package c/w Time Clocking Software Only.
E-Soft Time Clock System with Digital Persona Fingerprint Sensor - USD 390
This package consist of a robust USB URU Digital Persona Fingerprint scanner connected to your standard office computer (preferably at your reception or at entrance with security personnel). It comes with E-Soft Time Clock System.
Digital Persona is an US Based biometrics fingerprint manufacturer..
E-Soft Time Clock System with Xecon Fingerprint Sensor - USD 250
E-Soft Time Clock System with Proximity (RFID) Card Reader - USD 250
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